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Industrial Internet will fundamentally change the engineering process by digitization, interdisciplinarity, integration and collaboration. A new and modern methodology for development and design is needed to transfer processes and IT-Tools of all disciplines to a holistic approach. Therefore, System Lifecycle Management is established as next stage of PLM and considered a key concept for detailed definition of Industrial Internet.

VPE Research Rrofile 2016
VPE Research Profile 2016
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System Lifecycle Management (SysLM) Model-Based Systems Engineering Industrial Internet Connected IT Toolchains and Standards Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Sustainable Development

Research at the Institute VPE

The research activity of the Institute for Virtual Product Engineering (VPE) focuses on the field of virtual product development. VPE possesses extensive expertise in development and provision of methods and concepts to optimise the product development process in all phases. With its work VPE especially addresses requirements related to the realisation of Industrial Internet, which is understood as the sum of ‘Industry 4.0’ and ‘Internet of Things and Services’. Consequently, all phases of the products lifecycle are considered, i.e. interdisciplinary and integrated development, process planning, manufacturing and assembly as well as services. In future intelligent production systems, which are communicating and linked over the internet and other services, will impact all industries and will replace nowadays common mechanical and mechatronical products. Interest in additional functions and applications for upcoming software solutions for data management of such production systems is growing steadily and an effective design of the lifecycle of the systems is necessary. System Lifecyle Management (SysLM), a term increasingly well-known national as well as international, is also expanded by VPE as next stage of PLM and considered as key concept for detailed definition according to the approach of Industrial Internet.

With its expertise VPE supports various projects with industrial and scientific partners. Research at the institute is characterized by a high level of applicability in all fields of competence and all activities at VPE are thematically orientated in the context of System Lifecycle Management as research focus. Closely related to this are the subjects ‘Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)’ as well as ‘Connected IT Toolchains and Standards’ as basis for a linked IT tool and process chain. Further, works on the field of ‘Industrial Internet’ and ‘Sustainable Development’ address current challenges regarding modern, interdisciplinary and integrated development of smart production systems and services.